Founded in October of 1992, Rhythm & Blue is Duke University's oldest co-ed a cappella group. Since its inception, the Rhythm & Blue family has developed its own distinct style and matured into a full-fledged member of the a cappella community at Duke and beyond. R&B enjoys singing all over Duke's campus (arches, dorms, basketball games, faculty dinners, recruiting venues), performing at local schools, and participating in a cappella competitions. The group is proud to have competed in 4 out of 5 of the last 5 ICCA Southern Quarterfinals and to have been featured on compilation albums such as BOCA and Voices Only. R&B has been nominated for numerous CARA awards for its albums: With the Windows Down, Punch a Higher Floor, and House on Fire. Most recently, R&B has released two EPs–Undone (2017) and Fresh Poison (2015)– and a single, Bird Set Free (2019). We also enjoy annual fall and spring break trips and frequent social events.


Rhythm & Blue makes recording new music a priority. Most recently, we've released our Undone EP (2017) and Fresh Poison EP (2015) and a single, Bird Set Free (2019). Featuring a wide range of soloists, beat boxers, and arrangers, we feel that recording is the best way of sharing our music with the community and preserving our hard work to enjoy for years to come. Check out the "Our Music" page to hear our stuff!



Rhythm and Blue won 1st place at the ICCA 2014 Southern Quarterfinal Competition, advancing to the Semi-finals in Nashville, TN. It was the group's first time competing in the ICCAs and a great honor for us to come so far. Since then, we have competed 4 more times (2016, 2017, 2018, 2020) and have placed 3rd or 4th overall.


Additional honors include:

  • 2018: Best Choreography (Haley Dishong for "I Have Questions")

  • 2014: Best Vocal Percussion (Phoenica Zhang for Entire Set)

  • 2014: Best Choreography (Jenna Lanz and Drew Klingner for "Bravado/Princess of China")



R&B's album, House on Fire, was released in 2011 and was officially voted as one of the 10 best mixed collegiate a cappella albums in the nation. Nominations received included:

  • Best Mixed Collegiate Album

  • Best Mixed Soloist (Amber Sembly for Alone)

  • Best Hip-Hop/R&B song (Closer)

  • Best Mixed Collegiate Song (Closer)



R&B took home first place overall at SoJam 2010! Individual awards received included:

  • Best Soloist (Amber Sembly)

  • Best Vocal Percussion (Brian Watts)

  • Audience Favorite


Other recognition/awards

  • Chosen to open for world-renowned professional a cappella group Rockapella at their 2009 holiday concert

  • "Forgiven" appeared on both BOCA 2008 and Voices Only 2008

  • "The Humans are Dead" appeared on Flight of the Conchords' official Myspace page

  • "Ready For Love" appeared on BOCA 2007

  •  Received 2 runner up CARA awards for Best Mixed Collegiate Solo (Shalisha Francis) and Best Arrangement (Matt Emery)

  • "Mr. Brightside" appeared on Voices Only 2006